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    Post  alexethridge on Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:55 am

    435 Words, Article Title ideas sent in email.

    Living in Arcadia, we all have had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, whether private piano lessons or marching in the middle school band or even tooting on a precorder in 4th grade. However, there are students who cannot experience the joy of learning an instrument for monetary reasons. Luckily, the Make Music Foundation is here to help with a cheerful TUNE.
    The Make Music Foundation is a club in the San Gabriel Valley led by Arcadia High School students with backgrounds in music. By raising money through concerts such as the recent TUNE event, MMF endeavors to give underprivileged kids the opportunity of a musical education. The organization was formed early spring this year by a group of friends who wanted to raise money for a music charity. One summer of planning and research later, the Make Music Foundation was created.
    On Saturday Oct. 24th, MMF hosted an event for the Harmony Project, a charity that uses MMF’s proceeds to “bring quality music instruction to children who otherwise would not have access to it,” called TUNE, or Talent Used to Nurture Expression. The event was a concert that featured performances by many of Arcadia’s finest musicians that raised money through ticket sales and t-shirts. Vice President of the MMF and Arcadia High School Senior Vincent Young said, “Over 300 people were in attendance [and] the show featured plenty of local talent as well as Youtube stars such as A.J Rafael, Jennifer Chung and International Secret Agents Breakout Performance Winner Clara Chung.”
    Many of Arcadia’s budding musicians turned out for the event, some watching the performances and some actually performing. On playing in the event, Junior Alan Zhu, who plays in the band The Narwhals with his high school friends, said, “We're just a group of friends who aren't really professional or anything, performing with well known artists and such, but it was a great experience to perform for everybody.” The event was successful in many ways other than just raising money for students without musical educations. Senior Ian Ford, who performed in the event with his band The Friday Sunsets said, “It was important because high school students set a goal and achieved it and people don’t really expect that from high school students.” Overall, the TUNE fundraiser was a huge triumph for the MMF in both raising money and awareness. Junior Stephanie Youseff, an aspiring songstress who performed Beyonce’s ‘Listen,’ said, “Music is such an important aspect of everyone's lives, and when it can be used to fulfill the ambitions of those less fortunate, it takes on a whole new meaning.”

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