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    Homemade Crafts for Friends

    Post  amyleong on Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:55 am

    Though electronics take first place on the current to-do list and probably most wanted Christmas presents, there is nothing like a meaningful homemade gift from one of your closest friends. The best and most heartwarming presents are those that show you care, especially ones from the heart.
    One endearing yet thoughtful gift lies within words. Since Christmas is the time of giving, why not write a letter or description of all your friend’s great qualities. You can even include some hilarious moments that you experienced together or touching memories that make your friend so special.
    Although writing may be a bit stressful from all those essays, photos are another way to frame those priceless memories. One idea would be to buy a wooden frame from Michaels and decorate it with sayings, your friend’s name, or other designs that highlight that your friendship. However, if you’re more interested in using the computer’s enhanced digital graphics, that would be more than a great way to show your appreciation. As one of the popular applications on Facebook, Picnik is a great way to put together your favorite photos. You can arrange them into a collage, or even find a creative scrapbooking page to mark those moments.
    Another homemade gift idea that uses computers is none other than a multi-media movie of memories. With videos and pictures of the past, you can use Windows Movie Maker and create an entertaining, yet awe-inspiring film. By adding some of your friend’s favorite songs and touching memories to the film, your group of friends will be watching it over and over again.
    Because movie making may be quite a challenge, you can head more toward the crafty route with the popular braiding and knot-tying of friendship bracelets. With its intricate designs and patterns, a friendship bracelet is a great accessory to everyday clothing as well as a reminder of how much your friends care about you. To add a touch of your appreciation, you can even choose your friends’ favorite colors or attach a poem to enhance the meaning.
    Last but not least, you can also give your friend a jar of hot chocolate mix or even, homemade peppermint bark. Instead of enjoying the pictures and memories, what can be better than savoring some delicious snacks? Though other presents may not be the most useful, giving food is a delight because trying new foods, or homemade ones are always a pleasure.
    This Christmas, save your parents' money as well as inspire all your friends by making homemade gifts to make the holidays special. Nothing is more powerful than the gift of love – no gadget could ever take the place of a one-of-a-kind priceless present.

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