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    Winter Getaways

    Post  Jenny Li on Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:21 pm

    It’s December and that means the winter holidays are fast approaching! Without a doubt, this is the time of year to be celebrating because winter holidays mean less school, more sleep, presents, and, of course, the highly anticipated winter vacation. Finding the perfect getaway can be really hard sometimes, especially when hitting up the yellow book and searching for hours just doesn’t seem all that appealing. Here’s where I step in to relieve you of that problem. After extensive research, here are the top winter getaways located near or in California.
    First thought that comes to mind when one thinks of winter is snow however, seeing as we live in Arcadia, we don’t get too much of it around. But fortunately for us, we do live near magnificent mountains that are coated with snow during the winter season. Places like Big Bear Lake and Lake Tahoe located on those high mountains offer cozy lodges that’ll keep you and your family warm while still enjoying the icy cold activities like skiing and snowboarding. Now, with just a click of a button at their individual websites, you and your family are on the way to a fantastic winter break!
    If you and your family are not up for the chilly mountains, then perhaps a relaxing spa resort will do the trick. It’s a simple getaway option but one that does not fail in meeting the needs of the whole family. Places such as Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs are currently offering special winter vacation packages that are quite affordable even if the whole family goes. They offer a variety of activities and are equipped with the best tools to relax the mind and soul, a great break from the strenuous everyday work. Mud baths, spa treatments, and hot springs will guarantee that you leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another year!
    If the winter getaways so far seem too tame for your tastes, then maybe a trip to the wild is needed. One of the most beautiful places in the world that shelters some of the rarest animals is Yosemite Park. Known for its wild and breathtaking scenery, Yosemite Park is the ultimate getaway for those who want to experience a different environment from that in their daily lives. The Park offers not only its wilderness but also skiing, snowboarding, and special events and places that are found nowhere else. The events include world-class cooking and wine seminars, a legendary Renaissance yuletide feast, a tribute to art deco era, and fantastic New Year’s Eve celebrations to wrap things up. Hurry and plan your visit to the park while its special vacation packages are still available!
    These are just a few top suggestions as to where you and your family should plan your winter getaway, but don’t limit your vacation plans to just those places. Just be creative and make sure to find some place that will provide fun and relaxation. There are numerous alternatives that will make this winter vacation one you’ll always remember!

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