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    Christ Homemade Gifts

    Post  Jenny Li on Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:32 pm

    So Christmas is coming around the corner and you just can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars buying gifts for your friends and family. Don’t panic! Gifts don’t always have to be expensive items to make your loved ones happy. Simple but heartfelt gifts are enough to warm them to the heart. Handmade gifts are especially touching because they show that you put effort and love into making the gifts for them, instead of simply walking into a store and buying it. So to solve your crisis, I’ve gathered from my own experience, asked peers, and scoured the web to bring to you this list of creative make-it-yourself gifts.
    1. One way to give someone the ultimate gift is to create a personalized gift basket. The instructions to making this gift are simple. Find a basket and fill it with tidbits of everything the person likes. Items can range from food to stuffed animals; choosing what to put in is entirely up to you and shows that you know them well[,] which is what makes this gift so special.
    2. Personalized tree ornaments are one of the most popular gifts to give because they are simple yet beautiful. Unpainted ornament models can be found at local craft stores and are relatively cheap. They come in different shapes and sizes so that you can make a unique one for each of your friends and family members.
    3. Food is always a great present to give to someone, but the problem is that edible presents don’t last long. However, making your loved ones some homemade cookie dough in a jar is the perfect solution to that problem. Just find your favorite cookie recipe and whip up a batch, and then stick the raw cookie dough in a jar that you can decorate. The person who receives this gift will be ecstatic that they can now make a batch of delicious cookies whenever they want to!
    4. Memories are the most precious gift of all, and what better way to treasure them than with a picture book / scrapbook? Filled with favorite photos, this is just the present for a relative or special family friend, particularly one your family sees less often than you'd like. Scrapbook kits can be found in your local crafts store and are relatively affordable.
    5. The last nifty gift on this list is your own mixed CD created as a present. It’s a simple present that is Very fast to make but takes a bit of research beforehand. You can find someone's favorite songs and burn them onto a CD or maybe even create an album dedicated to the meaning of your relationship. You can write a short explanation as to why you chose each of the songs and the meaning behind the song.
    All the gifts I have listed are homemade and very affordable, which means you’re saving money and adding meaning to your Christmas presents. But be sure to plan ahead because if you’re making a lot of them, then you better get started and soon; Christmas is just around the corner!

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