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    Meet Dooley, the stovetop-hat-wearing skeleton dressed in black who also happens to be the unofficial mascot of Emory University. For one week during each spring, he can be seen dropping into lectures to let student out of class or just walking around campus for no apparent reason, all the while accompanied by his loyal troupe of bodyguards.
    The Eagles (the school’s official mascot) will tell you, however, that skeleton sightings are not the only reason they are attending Emory.
    Founded in 1836, this private research university is situated in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. Once noted for maintaining a harsh academic environment and denouncing intercollegiate sports as “evil,” Emory has become home to a vibrant college community, not to mention an excellent school.
    Billed by the U.S. News and World Report as the best university in the Deep South and the 17th best in the entire country, Emory boasts renowned departments in a wide variety of disciplines. Its strongest programs range from business, psychology, and natural sciences to political science, English, history, and art history.
    Students also attracted to Emory because of its heavy emphasis on undergraduate meeting. LearnLink, an online community which serves students and faculty, allow easy access to past lectures and assignments, while online conferences are often venues of one-on-one Question-and-Answer sessions with professors. This unique atmosphere of intimacy and collaboration is further reinforced by a student-to-teacher ratio of only 7 to 1.
    Outside of academics, there is never a shortage of activities that students can dive into for recreation. With over half a million inhabitants, the city of Atlanta is rich with history, culture, and entertainment; it is one of only thirteen cities hosting a professional team in baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. On campus, students partake in traditions such as Wonderful Wednesday, a biweekly day of festivities such as kickball tournaments and stepdance performances.
    Emory is very selective in admitting students, accepting only a little over a quarter of its applicants. The most important factors to the admissions office are difficulty of high school classes, GPA, test scores, quality of essays and recommendations, and extracurricular activities.

    SAT Scores
    Critical Reading: 640-740
    Math: 670-760
    Writing: 650-740
    Acceptance rate: 26.6%
    In-state tuition: $38,036
    Out-of-state tuition: $38,036

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