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    Story Assignments for September Empty Story Assignments for September

    Post  alexethridge on Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:26 pm

    Alex Ethridge
    Arcadia Burglaries

    Crime Ring in Arcadia/Gang Related Thefts Being Investigated

    The shocking sound of alarms has filled the air for the past several months as many homes and businesses in Arcadia have been victim to burglaries and theft. The thefts, which include stolen wallets and purses, clothes and iPods, laptops and cell phones, appeared to be general crimes. In the middle of summer vacation, however, when authorities apprehended a criminal responsible for a house break-in, they discovered that there was more to the situation that what met the eye.
    Investigators believe that the burglar they have caught is linked to various crimes committed through the city and a member of a street gang from Los Angeles targeting Arcadia homes and businesses. Thefts that have occurred at retail stores and kiosks in the mall as well as residential thefts are suspected of being organized crimes as the perpetrators are of similar age and ethnicity.
    According to Arcadia Police Department Agent Bruce Smith, as reported by Pasadena Star News in an article written on August 30th, 2009, “A detective was doing some work in the area and heard an audible alarm at a residence and observed a vehicle driving away from the location.” Police vehicles set up a perimeter around Myrtle Avenue, Longden Avenue, Second Avenue, and Camino Avenue hoping to catch other suspects but none were found. After the burglar was apprehended and questioned, detectives began drawing similarities to other crimes and the people who committed them. Smith has stated, “We've made arrests in the past that seem to be connected to a gang in Los Angeles.” It has been assumed that the various crimes occurring between July 26th and August 1st are organized crimes, and linked together in some way.
    Arcadia police officers have joined forces with the Los Angeles’ Country Sheriff Department to investigate these gang-related crimes further in hopes of reaching a conclusion.

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