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    Astroboy: The Movie

    Post  RyanLiu on Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:22 am

    If you don’t know who Astroboy is, than just imagine a short robotic kid in shorts flying, now imagine you would pay $12 to see a 3-D version on him with your friends or family. Well, now their releasing “Astroboy” a 3-D computer-animated film staring the voices of Freddie Highmore (the actor of Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as Astroboy, and Nicolas Cage (the actor of Benjamin Gates in National Treasure) as Astroboy’s father.

    The original idea for Astroboy: The Movie was to provide a back-story to the manga series, which would include how Astroboy was created. In the story his inventor/father created him in the image of his lost son to fulfill the void in his heart. But, soon after Astroboy is created, he decides to leave his inventor, due to the fact that he cannot fulfill his father’s expectations. He decides to run away and join a group of disobedient kids, and throughout his journey, he experiencing betrayal, hate, love, and rejection from his father.

    Astroboy: The Game will also be released with the movie this fall. The game will be able to be played on the Wii, the PS3, the PSP, and the DS. The player will be able to control Astroboy and all his powers, such as, Machine Guns, Cannons, Finger Lasers and Drill Attacks. The game also contains both the single-player and the double-player modes. As the player proceeds in the story he or she will be able to unlock and collect artwork from the movie/game. The game is due to be released October 23, 2009, the same date as the movie release.

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