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    January Holidays Empty January Holidays

    Post  estherlin on Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:36 am

    Believe it or not, the month of January has holidays on every day of the month, ranging from well-known ones like New Year’s to more obscure ones like Bubble Bath Day on Jan. 8.
    Perhaps a favorite of sleepy juniors all over the campus will be the Festival of Sleep Day, during which people everywhere are encouraged to catch up on their sleep. Of course, the holiday holds no responsbility to the consequences of prolonged sleep for both adults working and students attending school alike. It is merely a holiday reminding all of the value of sleep.
    On another note, the AHS Quiz Bowl might be interested to hear about Trivia Day on Jan. 4 when everyone, Quiz Bowl member of not, takes the opportunity to share those little trinkets of knowledge, no matter how massive or trivial. As different trivia finds itself around the world, people feel the happiness of knowing little snippets of irrelevent information.
    Feel free to jump in a puddle and splash your friends on Jan. 11 because it’s Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend’s Day. Oh, but living in sunny southern California, that might prove itself to be difficult for those searching for puddles on this day. There is even a day reserved for nothing and it has its own name; National Nothing Day is on Jan. 16.
    According to senior Jocelyn Huey, “Squirrel appreciation day is an awesome way of showing our respect for the squirrel. Too often we take for granted their willingness to become roadkill.” Senior Mercy Huang, who just like us never realized there were so many holidays in January, says that they should “promote these more,” especially National Hugging Day and Compliment Day to “boost up people’s self-esteem.”
    While many of these holidays may seem less than serious and a waste of a day, they provide entertainment and comical relief for those who care to consult this list. And perhaps, for those who delight in knowing the existence of these holidays, January proves itself to be a month of interest.

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