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    Post  katherinebay on Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:30 pm

    Back stronger than ever, the girls varsity basketball team is ready to bounce back to yet another great season. Although it has been a very inconsistent season thus far, with an overall record of 5-7, the team has spunk and initiative, which no team can ask for more. Their potential to be great will hopefully lead them to success. Junior Danielle Lee said, “I look forward to bonding with my teammates and having a successful season to make it a memorable one for the seniors.”

    The girls varsity basketball team started off their first game of the season against Glendora on Dec. 2nd. At first, they began the game with a rocky start, as they strived to succeed. With a final score of 36-43, the team took this loss as constructive disparagement, reevaluating their drawbacks throughout the game. With that, they learned from their mistakes and took their corrections to the next game against Cypress one week later. They proved themselves dominant, beating the team by a whopping 11 points, ending the game with 52-41.

    During one of their Arroyo Tournaments, they played against Downey on Dec. 15. Their winning streak continued as they beat them with a score of 52-42. Two days later, Notre Dame was their next opponent. Ending oh so soon, their time of victory ceased when the team had a brutal loss of 23 points with a final score of 29-52. The girls varsity basketball team’s recuperation did not take its effect in time for their next game against Glendora again two days later. On Dec. 19th, the team had yet another game against Glendora, hoping to attempt to take back the victory that was righteously theirs to begin with. Unfortunately, their effort to beat them failed when they lost again, 33-56.

    The team then trudged their way to Arroyo High to play against one of their easier opponents. With a final score of 44-37, the Apaches were deemed successful again. This win was a great way holiday present for the team. By this time in the season, it was apparent that the team had become quite inconsistent from win to loss to win. La Salle was their next competitor on Dec. 28. This home game was very close, as the two teams were practically neck in neck. The Apaches lost by just a smidge with a score of 46-48.

    Canyon was the girls varsity basketball team’s toughest competitor yet because they walked into the game full of confidence and left with their biggest loss yet. With a total score of 39-67, the team took this loss as another learning experience to help themselves for future competitors like Canyon. The following day on Dec. 30, the team traveled to Sun Valley, CA to compete against Village Christian. Even though they were playing in an unfamiliar environment, they seemed to have pulled off a great game with a score of 56-17. The team then scored 39-59 against Alhambra and 45-29 against Hoover. Their game against Pasadena was another slim, intense game, with a score of 50-52, because “even though we ended up losing by only 2 points, I really felt like everyone on the team worked hard and my teammates were all cheering for each other,” said junior Giselle Hillier. Their game against Burbank was another loss, with a score of 39-40.

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