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    Post  katherinebay on Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:10 am

    Frogs with short tongues—struggling to catch flies to survive. The girls varsity water polo team exemplifies this metaphor, as they struggle to win, if not survive, a game. Their scores are indeed a disappointment as they continue to be defeated meet after meet. As their season comes to an end, the team put their deficits aside and had extremely memorable team bonding moments. As long as the team is happy and proud, no loss or defeat can change that. Senior Nancy Pulciano said, “I am looking forward to the friendships only possible to have with those who love the water.”

    The girls varsity water polo season began on Dec. 3rd against Poly. Eager to test out the waters, they started off pretty rough. With a final score of 4-20, the girls definitely had some improvements to be made. A week later, the team played against Poly again, hoping for successful retaliation to be made. Unfortunately, just like their last game, Poly struck again and smashed the team to pieces. This game was slightly better than the last because the Apaches only lost by 5 points instead of 16, ending the game with a score of 6-11.

    As the first game of the 2010 year, the team played against Western on Jan. 7. As their losing streak continued, it was no surprise as the team had yet another loss, with a score of 1-14. Nancy then said, “Even though our success in winning is not so high, it does not matter because the bond our team has is a success.” The next day, the team traveled to Garden Grove for their second tournament of the season. Although they lost to them, they improved because they did not lose as much as they did in the beginning of the season. Their concluding score was 7-15.

    Since every little improvement counts, they took their progression to their next game against Connelly. As their strongest game of the season, the girls varsity water polo team held their heads up high and walked into this tournament feeling pumped and ready to win. The team played their absolute hardest, remembering all of their faults and blunders they have made throughout the course of the season and fixed them prior to this game, ending it with 12-2. Their losses actually proved to be helpful in the long run, teaching the girls that winning is not everything. Although the girls varsity water polo team took a little longer than usual to get back on track and roll with the punches, they showed that improving does not necessarily always mean instantly turning a losing game into a winning game.

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