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    Post  annanaran on Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:04 pm

    By: Anna Naran & Lena Kalemkiarian

    On Jan. 12, the world was shocked and devastated to hear that Haiti, one of the least developed countries in the world, suffered a 7.0 earthquake. Over 100, 000 Haitians are reported dead, while many are missing. After the horrifying earthquake, 50 aftershocks have rolled through Haiti, measuring of 4.5 or greater. The country of Haiti is destroyed and left under rubble. With the support of America, we’re sending supplies and money that will be used to help rebuild the demolished country. Students within the halls of AHS are already beginning to donate and fundraise to help Haiti. From clubs to individuals, AHS is taking a stand and supporting the distraught country of Haiti.

    ASB coordinated with Sports Chalet on a fundraiser called Soles4Souls. Freshman president Tricia Xu explained that students turned “in used shoes they didn’t want in a plastic bag,” to the ASB office. Then, the shoes were shipped off to Haiti for children, men, and women to wear. Sophomore President Stephen Lee mentioned overall he believed that “the fundraiser seemed to have gone well.” The fundraiser ended with two cars filled with the shoes that AHS students brought in. Background information on Soles4Souls can be found on the Sport Chalet website. The charitable group has been up and running since 2005 and has “given away over $5.5 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes.” This charity program has been delivering shoes to over 125 countries, and is now stopping at Haiti. With the simple donation of shoes that you no longer wear that sit and collect dust in your closet, helped a family in need that is struggling day by day in Haiti.

    Not all students got the chance to donate shoes however, that didn’t stop some from reaching out and helping the Haitians. Sophomore Calvin Zhao donated $10 to Haiti by texting 90999. Calvin also said that the “Arcadia Key Club [is going to] give a donation to Haiti from [their] recent events.” In addition to texting, there is also an album available on Itunes called Hope For Haiti that is full of international artists that came together to film a broadcast that aired on Jan. 22. Artists from Beyoncé to Shakira to John Legend are featured on the album, singing inspirational songs for Haiti. All proceeds from the album go to Haiti.

    Soles4Souls may be over at AHS, but that doesn’t mean that the giving has to come to an end. Many organizations around Arcadia are still collecting donations that will be sent to Haiti. Whether the donations are small or large, any amount will be extremely helpful.

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