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    Post  derekha on Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:01 pm

    What do Robert Byrd, the frail 92-year-old Senator from West Virginia who casts his votes whilst sitting in a wheelchair, have in common with Judge Judy, the feisty TV-personality who can shatter anyone’s internal defenses with a simple glare? They both attended American University (AU).
    Located in Washington D.C., this private university was established in 1893 by an act of Congress. It is known for having two major advantages over Washington’s two other famous schools: it is less selective than the elite Georgetown University, and it has a nicer campus than the urban George Washington University.
    Of course, students also flock to AU for its excellent academics; it ranks 84th in the nation according to the U.S. News and World Report. As can be expected for a school located in our nation’s capital, AU’s strongest majors are International Studies, Political Science, and Law. However, it is also known for a diverse range of other disciplines, including Premed, Journalism, and Business.
    Class sizes are neither small nor excessively large, with the average class having an enrollment of 23 students. The prestigious honors program provides select students with small classes and specialized coursework.
    Moreover, AU’s location brings with it a tremendous host of unique activities. Students regularly receive internships or research opportunities at over 900 private, nonprofit, or governmental institutions. They also have an endless supply of entertainment at the tips of their fingers, with the vibrant cultural and political center that is Washington D.C. just a short metro ride away.
    AU itself also provides many chances for a respite from studying and test-taking. The annual Family Weekend, for example, consists of a carnival and games taking place right on the AU campus. Other popular events include Founders Week and Homecoming.
    Despite its high quality in academics and enticing location, AU’s acceptance rate stands at a reasonable 52.9%. Its high tuition of $34,973 is offset by the fact that nearly half of all students receive some form of financial aid.

    SAT Scores
    Critical Reading: 580-700
    Math: 570-670
    Writing: 580-680
    Acceptance rate: 52.9%
    In-state tuition: $34,973
    Out-of-state tuition: $34,973

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    Post  lenakalemkiarian on Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:56 pm

    this artilce looks fine too! i will look over it again, though, just in case i skipped over something.

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