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    Dodgeball Tournament


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    Dodgeball Tournament Empty Dodgeball Tournament

    Post  lenakalemkiarian on Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:55 am

    Dodgeball Tournament

    “Ouch!” What most people would say when hit by a dodge ball. But, for some people, it is a very fun, entertaining sport. And that is where the Intramural Dodgeball Tournament comes in.
    Students here, at their own risk, were able to sign up and form a team with some other friends to play Dodgeball. The different teams played against each other until they figured out the top two, and then the big number one. It took about a week, from Mar. 8 to _______, in the North Gym during lunch.
    “(quote from a member of a team that played, probably about why they decided to sign up and how it went)”
    The winning team consisted of ________,________,_________,______, and ______. (quote from winning team.)
    When you put aside the bruises, and perhaps a few bloody noses, Dodgeball is a truly lovable sport.

    i am going to add more when i get more information

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