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    Post  estherlin on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:52 am

    After the lengthy and strenuous month of March, AHS students are eager to use the long-awaited spring break as time to revitalize and replenish themselves for what will be the last quarter before the end of the 2009-2010 school year. Though coined a “break,” spring break is not a week devoid of activity for AHS students. While many students plan to use the free week to catch up with homework and projects as well as prepare for the upcoming exams in May, other students have much more interesting ideas in mind. Many seniors will definitely take the opportunity to visit their colleges as they orient themselves more closely with what will likely be their home for the next four years. For the lucky students, spring break will be a week of relaxation with friends doing all sorts of friendly getogether events at the movies or elsewhere. Still, others plan to spend time with visiting relatives and the family in general. But no matter what activities ensue, many will agree that spring break will come too slowly and leave too quickly.

    I'm planning on visiting all my colleges then if I could. Lorsine Lai, 12

    With AP tests coming up, I think this question answers itself. Shadman Chowdury, 12

    ASB is going on their Euro trip and they invited SMW, so I'll be going with a few ASB and SMW people. We're going with EF TOURS and it'll be a 9 day tour, I believe. We’ll start from Venice and end up in Rome. Stephennie Teng, 12

    Lake Tahoe with grandma and grandpa. Jason Jong, 12

    For spring break, I plan to either go on a trip to visit colleges in California with my family or sleep all 9 days. :-)
    Michael Wong, 11

    This spring break I’m probably just going to stay in arcadia because I have track everyday that week and I’m required to volunteer for the arcadia invitational, which takes place during the Saturday and Sunday of that week.
    Perry Moersalim, 10

    I’m going to New York and Europe.
    Brittany Lopez, 9

    Dayton, Ohio for WGI championships
    Aileen Ju, 9

    I’m going to the beach, San Diego, and Disneyland with my best bud!
    Josephine Truong, 9

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