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    What Music Shows About Personality Empty What Music Shows About Personality

    Post  amyleong on Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:10 am

    Other Titles:
    Personality is Music to My Ears
    Musical Taste is Replaced with Traits
    Music Originality Brings out a Whole New Personality
    Radio of Today: Your Music. Your Way.

    The mention of the word music incorporates rhythm, beat, lyrics, a catchy song, and sometimes even gets you in the mood for a little bit of pumping, jumping, and all sorts of crazy moves (a.k.a. average teenagers dancing). It is these inspirational words behind the songs and music that have appealed to all audiences for decades, but also shares even more of an influence than just listening, such as types of music connecting to a person’s personality.
    With its new influence of the techno beat, music has hit the stage to the greatest hip-hop in our time, with all these artists like Kanye West and 50 cent influencing the world with rap and other special voice changers that are proudly used by Jamie Fox and Lady Gaga themselves. According to researcher Prof Adrian North, it is believed that people interested in rap music have a higher self-esteem, are more outgoing, and are also considered rebellious.
    Although Rock music is also deemed with rebellious traits, the effects of the self-esteem are lowered, while increasing creativity, gentleness, and patience. It also gives ideas about being a slacker as well as worse in the outgoing scale. This exciting, punchy music is also a headfirst to higher earning wages, while the relaxing sounds may prove otherwise. North also believes that “People often define their sense of identity through their musical taste, wearing particular clothes, going to certain pubs, and using certain types of slang.”
    For the most part this slower and relaxing classical music is also one to be considered creative and of a high self-esteem. However, these listeners are believed to be of a shy sort rather and more at ease. Jazz music also follows a similar pathway in the denoting of personal characteristics, but rises in the outgoing trait areas.
    In addition those who listen to heavy metal are stereotyped as depressed, but are actually gentle, creative, and at ease, while possessing similar traits of those who listen to classical music. Sharing many similar qualities, those who listen to country are also found to be hard-working and shy.
    Hearing the classical, ear-throbbing, and rocking music on the radio, T.V. or iPod may reshape your way of thinking, but for now all there is to offer are some insights to learn more about yourself and even, some personality traits to go along with it.

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