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    Post  annanaran on Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:07 pm

    At AHS, around 30 environmentally conscious students gather every Monday in room J-4 (currently meeting in J-3) to discuss issues that pertain to not only the campus of AHS but also the environment outside of the campus. The Campus Environmental club members partake in numerous activities during the year to help the environment and also to spend time spreading awareness to all, about the importance of protecting the planet.

    Throughout this year, the Campus Environmental club has begun the process of spreading awareness and planning trips to beaches and parks where they can pick up trash that has been neglectfully left behind. Due to the rainy weather that Southern California has been experiencing, many of their events have been cancelled this year. To sum it all up, Vice President, junior Laura Tsu said, “we try to clean up the campus during lunch/after school, collect cans and bottles to recycle, participate in monthly beach clean ups in Santa Monica/Playa del Rey, and go hiking.” ICC Representative, junior Alan Kha mentioned that, “Earlier in the year we also helped Mrs. Stevens with her pond, you know, the one you squeeze by everyday through D hall, helping out with weeding and fishing out algae.”They are currently planning on participating in “the Arcadia Community Bike Ride,” just for fun, according to Laura.

    As for Earth Day and Arbor Day that swept through on Apr. 22 and Apr. 27, the Campus Environmental Club teamed up with the Sierra Club and, produced an Apache News [APN] video that hopefully inspired students to be more concerned about environmental issues. [can add more about the apn video which should be coming out this Friday and Laura added that they hope to plan activities that they can accomplish in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day, which I can write about when it happens] Earth Day is a day to celebrate our planet while, Arbor Day, for some who do not know, is a day where everyone celebrates trees.

    It is about time for Apaches to go green and begin to help the planet. That is what the Campus Environmental club strives to accomplish under the supervision of Mrs. Mylinh Crew with their weekly meetings and their park and beach cleanups. If more and more students at AHS start caring for the environment like the members of the club do, then our campus and planet would become a more beautiful and healthy place to be.

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