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    Arcadia Kid Car Accidente



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    Arcadia Kid Car Accidente

    Post  alexethridge on Mon May 10, 2010 1:47 am

    On Monday April 26, Arcadia was given a healthy dose of reality when an AHS freshman was hit by a car near the high school campus.
    The 14 year old freshman, whose name shall be withheld, was struck by a car around 3 p.m. on Duarte Rd while running towards the campus. Police reports go on to say that the boy was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital, where he was released later than evening. His injuries are described as minor to moderate, and the driver was unharmed. The student was designated as the one at fault, considering he ran into the street and the car was driving at the legal speed limit
    Eye-witnesses report that the windshield was “totally shattered, with glass broken into the car” and the student had “a bloody nose and his face was skinned badly.” A second witness of the accident said, “He looked pretty bad, but he spelled out his name for the police officer, so he seemed like he was going to be okay.”
    While the streets surrounding the high school are known to be busy, accidents are far and few between, and always serve the community a reminder for proper traffic safety when walking along the streets. The reasons for his darting into the street are unknown, but speculation has ranged from a possible fight to game amongst friends. Regardless, the accident has reminded the city that accidents do happen when you are not careful, and indirectly encourages students to take matters such as these seriously.

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