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    Post  amyleong on Tue May 11, 2010 2:12 am

    Other Titles:
    Around the World in Shanghai, China
    A Cultural Craze for Countries
    Cultural Innovations Spark Sensations
    China Presents Cultural Events

    Behold the delicious, crisp fortune cookies and cute, cuddly pandas, for this year’s world expo will be held at Shanghai, China. Held every five years, the world expo gathers together all the countries around the world to showcase their famous exhibits and significant attributes to represent their traditions and emblems.
    For almost 160 years, the great exhibition of all industries has continued to share cultural exchanges, innovative ideas, and historical experiences. From the first location at London, the World Expo has been held at different countries around the world as the year before it was in Aichi, Japan and the year before in Hanover, Germany.
    However, China’s World Expo is sure to bring a successful, splendid, and unforgettable exposition in exploring “the full potential of urban life in the 21st century and a significant period in urban evolution.” From May 1 to October 31, China’s World Expo will be showcase to an expected 70 million people. Following the theme of a “Better City, Better Life” China is expected to inform participants of an eco-friendly extent of urban development.
    In addition, the Expo 2010 is said to attract over 200 nations and international organizations to take part in the exhibition living up to their motto of “Keeping in mind the next 60 years' development while preparing for the six months.”
    To highlight these famous landmarks around the world, Shanghai brings the best of their country with a City Square Art Festival, which is consisted of 22 street performance groups around the world. Highlighting the innovation of the city’s culture, joy of the event, and interaction of the performers, Shanghai’s event is sure to be a popular hit among the people.
    Another popular event is the World Expo Parade that will have over 920 performances. One of the largest and longest parades in World Expo history, it is expected to attract 30 million visitors during their routes, which are five times a day and reach distances up to 1.8 kilometers long.
    On an insight in Bejing, China, children dressed as mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and performed at the opening ceremony in these colorful and creative costumes. Children presented painting and paper-cutting gifts to children wearing Haibao costumes at the ceremony. With a series of performances and parades, Beijing will be enlightening tourists of their cultural heritage throughout the weeks.
    Along with each countries pavilions and cultural exhibitions, the Coca Cola Company is also taking part in the World Expo event and designed a Coca Cola Happiness Factory. The company has also celebrated Coca Cold Day to celebrate the debut of the first Coca-Cola in 1886. Visitors will get to experience an unforgettable journey of the making of this beverage while showcased innovations worldwide.
    With the cultural beliefs, wide-range of performances from all over the world, and uniquely-designed pavilions, visitors are sure to have an exciting experience. Most could almost say that it’s like traveling around the world in 80 days, with a cultural taste of each country awaiting at your very fingertips.

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