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    Summer Plans


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    Summer Plans

    Post  annanaran on Tue May 11, 2010 9:00 pm

    It is almost that time of the year when all you have to worry about, for some, is getting the perfect tan, hitting the best parties, and getting sleep. For others that may see their summer as an opportunity to catch up or get ahead in academics, have summer school to look forward to. Yes, it is finally here. Students at AHS are starting to plan how they will spend their lazy days of summer.

    "I’m going to take geometry in the summer because I failed the course during the year. Then in the evening, I’m going to be at football."
    Kevin Kua, 9

    "Because I’m graduating this year, I will have no sports commitments for this year, which will be sad and amazing simply because it takes up my entire life/summer. So this summer I don't have any specific plans but I will definitely be going to the beach often, hanging out with my friends, and working at a job that is nonexistent at the moment. But hopefully it will be one that I will remember forever."
    Courtney Woo, 12

    I earned a scholarship through NSLI-Y to go to Shanghai, completely free and even with some spending money. I'd get to volunteer at the World Expo and have fun for six full weeks, thanks to the blog we subscribe to for AP Comparative Government.
    Lorsine Lai, 12

    "I will be attending my cousin's wedding in Shanghai, and then vacationing in Japan for a couple of weeks."
    Stanley Yuan, 12

    "Summer after high school and before college should be treasured and spent wisely. I plan to fulfill a sort of “bucket list” with my closest friends before kicking the bucket of my adolescence."
    Joshua Cheng, 12

    “I’m super excited for this summer because I get to go to the beach everyday! Also, I'm super excited because I get to visit my best friend, and I’ll get tanner.”
    Alexandria Fitzpatrick, 10

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