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    Post  jasminewu on Mon May 17, 2010 9:38 am

    On May 9, Solicitor General Elena Kagan was selected by President Obama as a nominee for the Supreme Court. Though described as a “trailblazing lady” by President Obama, Kagan is a new face in the judicial field and may receive criticism for her inexperience.

    Kagan, a 50-year-old from New York City, is a woman with a rich educational background from Princeton University, Oxford University, and Harvard. Past experiences in her legal career include serving as clerk for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in 1988 and serving as associate counsel to President Bill Clinton in 1995. From 1999 to 2009, Kagan worked at Harvard as a law professor and later a dean; she received praise for having recruited some of the best legal minds in the U.S. Later in 2009, although Kagan had never before argued a case at trial, she became the first female solicitor general of the U.S. However, despite her active legal career, Kagan is aware that she is at risk for receiving criticism for her inexperience in the judicial field.

    Should Kagan receive the confirmation for Supreme Court, she would replace Justice Paul Stevens, who has served for 35 years on the high court. President Obama said, “While we can't presume to replace his wisdom and experience, [Kagain] ultimately provide that same kind of leadership on the court.” Her confirmation would also make history: It would be the first time three women served on the Supreme Court all at once.

    Though she lacks experience, many say that her fresh perspective on things may prove useful to the court. The confirmation hearing is set to take place in either late June or early July, but Washington is already abuzz with the possibility of Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination.

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