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    Things to do with friends

    Post  amyleong on Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:07 am

    Possible Titles:

    A Humorous, Horror-filled Halloween

    It’s Just Free Candy

    Never Before Seen October Sheen

    Since Trick-or-Treating is getting old for us high school students, what else is there for us to do in October? Actually, if you get together with a group of friends, there are so many exciting activities during this spooky, yet exciting month.

    Since Halloween’s coming around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a scary movie marathon with all your friends. Instead of getting together to watch the usual chicks flicks, or have a Harry Potter extravaganza, gather round for a premier of the scariest fright night, featuring Scary Movie 4, Haunting in Connecticut, and Prom Night. It may be fun to have a sleepover and start the anxiety early in the evening, especially when it gets dark, so you can share the excitement and chilling suspense together. So when the phone rings, beware “When a Stranger calls.”

    Speaking of Halloween, another activity for you and your friends to get involved in is dressing up in a theme of a movie, game, or any other type of category. For example, one theme could be the Pac-Man video game, where four people can dress up as ghosts and one person, a Pac-man. The costumes could be as easy as colorful tablecloths to colored t-shirts. Sophomore Vaishnavi Balendiran exclaims, “At Colorguard Camp, we had a great time dressing up and doing plays in our costumes. It was so much fun!” Another creative idea is 101 Dalmatians, where some people can dress up as dogs and one person as Cruella DeVil. Here, costumes can be assembled by attaching white and black pieces of felt to hair bands for the ears, and wear a black or white t-shirt. In addition, you can add adhesive felt to the shirt for spots and use red felt for a collar.

    Along with the motivation to dress up in the spirit of Halloween, say cheese! When you and your friends put on those hilarious costumes, it is definitely time for a “Kodak Moment,” so this extraordinary day will always be commemorated. Wouldn’t it be exciting to put these photos into a scrapbook, so that when you look back on this day, you’ll always remember the good times you had? Maybe you’ll even get a few laughs along the way. In addition, you could even add funny captions to the photos or a brief summery of what occurred.

    Since we are on the topic of humor and comedy, the first entertaining activity that comes to mind is making a funny video with all your friends; then, post it on You Tube and tell more people about it. If you want to broaden the news about an issue or are just looking for a way to have fun, here are a few suggestions. Some ideas include a music video, scenes from your favorite movie or even, a humorous happening that occurred during that time. YouTube is a very popular site, so you’ll definitely be spreading the word.

    So, if you are bored with nothing to do on Halloween, here are a few suggestions, but remember, you’re never too old to go trick-or treating; after all, it’s just free candy. However, some alternatives include, a scary movie marathon, posting a funny video on YouTube, or even, adding funny captions to your photos. This October, there will definitely be activities for you to get involved in, so have a humorous, horror-filled Halloween.

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