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    Post  alexethridge on Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:44 pm

    551 words, cut whatever you feel is necessary

    The Greek Goddess Nike was the personification of triumph and success in ancient times. Known as the Winged Goddess of Victory, Nike flew around battlefields and awarded the winners with fame and glory. If anyone has ever been blessed by this goddess today, they would have to be Catrina McAlister and Ammar Moussa
    Last month, McAlister and Moussa placed 4th and 1st at state, respectively, and were invited to the prestigious Nike Nationals race in Portland Oregon. In addition to placing first at CIF Finals Moussa took fourth place at Nike Nationals. He broke the 15-minute three-mile barrier at State, with a finishing time of 14:59, a feat accomplished only twice in the last ten years. McAlister took 22nd place at Nationals, saying, “It was a great honor to be chosen; only 3 other girls were sent as individuals to represent the entire state of California.”
    Throughout their entire cross-country careers, both athletes have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are today. Moussa’s sterling performance has been attributed to the amount of work he’s put in, his vast talent, and, most importantly, his attitude. When asked what he felt was Ammar’s greatest strength, Assistant Coach Alex Fan responded, “From day one with Ammar we saw that he was as competitive a person as you could find. We have always said that with him, you better be a ton better than him if you want to beat him because he will outrace and out-grit anyone that is even close to his level.” McAlister’s bases her success and improvement this year on “getting to run with [the boys’ team]. [It] helped me so much, they made me tough and when I ran with them it was the best race-like situation I could have for practice. I have to do things like make sure I get enough sleep and eat the right things.”
    And then there is the question that all of us sedentary, future Rascal chair-using common folk ask: “Why run?” Upon being asked this question, Ammar paused, laughed, and said, “It's hard to really describe what motivates me, and I get this question a lot. I think the best answer is that I run to compete, push my body to new limits, and to prove others wrong.” Of course, he did not accomplish it all alone, and he couldn’t have done it without his family. “My family has been my rock,” Ammar said. “My mom is the one who makes sure I get all the good food. My brother and father are always at meets, cheering me on and being there for me even when I don't race my best.”
    While the year slowly turns towards the highly anticipated track season, cross country isn’t quite over for them yet. When asked about her goals for the next track season, it’s evident that McAlister still has her eyes on the prize “Track, I haven’t really thought about that yet!” she laughs. “I still have the USA Cross-Country National Championships in February so I’m really looking forward to that. I hope to make it to the world meet this year!” If the goddess Nike has anything to say about it, that hope will become a reality.
    Be sure to look out for McAlister and Moussa burning up the track this coming spring.

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