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    Luckiest Moments

    Post  annanaran on Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:42 pm

    BY: Anna N, &.Lena K.

    It is the time of year fellow AHS students in which the luckiest of them all shine with the luck of the Irish. On Mar. 17, greenness struck over AHS in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. This well known holiday celebrated all around the world, is known for the luck that is exemplifies. Many AHS students have experienced some lucky situations, here are a few:

    Freshman Josephine Truong: There was a hole in my backyard wall and there were these construction workers around. My dog discovered the wall and ran into the street, and all drivers slammed their brakes! My mother and I thought he was going to get run over but then one of the construction workers went out and retrieved him! I felt so lucky and relieved.

    Senior Nancy Pulciano: The luckiest thing that happened to me was when I was in Long Beach swimming the canals around Naples which is in the bay. I was all intense trying to train for water polo when I swam into 5 bucks I then proceeded to buy icecream totally defeated the training idea but HEY MAN, that was luck!

    Sophomore Stephanie Chung- Lara I went camping and I left my soda out on a picnic table. An hour or so later, I went to take a sip and I felt something crawl in my mouth. I spit it out and I saw three bees crawling all over the soda I spit out! When I poured the rest of the soda out of the can (useless soda) I saw four more bees fall out. I was so lucky my mouth wasn't full of stingers for the rest of the trip.

    Sophomore Tiffany Wu: There was a sports assembly for school and we were sitting on the floor. The teachers were reading out clues about the winner. It took me a while to realize that I won the sportsmanship award! I felt so lucky.

    Freshman Keith Harmel: I have had many opportunities in which I was acting with professional actors/actresses one of which was a play we performed in Hollywood. I guess I was lucky to have these opportunities.

    Freshman Jeffery Wu: I believe the luckiest moment of my life was when I got the chance to compete in a National video contest other than the reflections in 8th Grade. It was a nationwide contest open to any age, and I thought I was already the luckiest kid in the world just to be placed in the preliminaries, but it was a huge surprise when I landed 3rd place out of the nation.

    Junior Andres Diaz: The luckiest moment I have had was when my soccer team barely made CSF by one point!

    Sophomore Bryan Mak: This was during....7th grade? There was a little hill at FMS that me and my friends like to climb. One day, as i was climbing up, I heard a faint rattle. I turned to my left, and there it was; a rattlesnake. Needless to say, I freaked out and got down the slope as fast as I could. I checked my arm for bites, but there weren't any. I never climbed up again.

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    Re: Luckiest Moments

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