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    What Students Want For Christmas



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    What Students Want For Christmas

    Post  amyleong on Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:59 am

    Amidst the wide range of coloring tools and the priceless picture frames, electronics reign as the most wanted presents this Christmas. Because of its never-ending entertainment and thoroughly enhanced digital graphics, it has been chosen as the top choice by many AHS students.
    In a poll consisted of 100 students, the first choice was the resourceful, yet eye-catching laptop. 58% of students voted for this as their most wanted Christmas present this year. Though it mostly attracted seniors who need laptops for college, this resourceful gizmo is perfect for portability and finishing homework. Freshman Holly Yamagata said, “I really want a laptop! My brother is a junior and once he has a lot of homework, he hogs the computer for hours. I want my own laptop so I can get on a computer whenever I need to." For such a useful novelty, laptops are taking the place of desktop computers, marking a new generation of this epic breakthrough. Various designs and accessories also fit the needs of everyone. With laptops, the possibilities lie anywhere from the high-resolution display of the Mac to the portability of the PC, regarding it as another one of the greatest gadgets of the time.
    As special as it is, the iPod touch takes second place with an 18% vote for most wanted Christmas presents. With its slick new handheld grip and built-in speakers, the iPod touch is without a doubt one of the greatest gadgets of the season. Similar to the iPhone, the latest version includes voice control, genius mixes, and so much exciting applications that have students craving this nonstop entertainment. Sophomore Amy Wen said, “I don't have an iPod and have never had an iPod before, but I think it would be nice to actually have something to listen to when I don't want to talk to people, or when I'm just sitting around do my homework.”
    With an 11% vote, cell phones take the third rank in this category. Most students admit that the new generation of cell phones is a must-have this year. Senior Lauren Hanna admits, “My cell phone is three years old, so I would like a new one for Christmas. The new iPhone is definitely on the top of my list.” Some popular picks of the year include the iPhone 3G, Blackberry, and Sidekick. According to, cell phones are loaded with a “veritable smorgasbord of features,” prizing these handheld electronics at the top of the Christmas list.
    The next popular gift was voted 8% by students and refers to the small, yet resourceful gadget, the digital camera. Having numerous amounts of priceless memories, many students desire this amazing gadget. Some of the popular brands include Cannon and Sony for their adherence of the latest technology with touch screens as well as built-in slideshows of favorite holiday reminiscences.
    As Apple soars in Christmas sales, Nintendo is also faring very well with its all time videogame legends. Although it ranks with a whopping 5% in student polls, there is nothing like the brand new Guitar Hero that came out with its fifth edition of the favorite band playing fun. Though these guitar games are quite an accomplishment for Nintendo, their new DJ Hero is a new, yet interesting game of disk scratching and mix switching pleasure.
    This December, Santa will definitely be making plenty of trips to Best Buy and Toys R Us for all those electronic, most-wanted, top of the list presents. Who would disagree that electronics mark the present and future entertainment of the world.

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