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    Post  JadeShao on Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:38 am

    For most kids at Arcadia, playing the piano doesn’t count as a talent…everybody knows how. However, our very own Shannon Hsu has taken the art form all the way to New York, as in 881 Seventh Ave, Carnegie Hall, New York. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, you read correctly…Carnegie Hall. At the young age of seven, junior Shannon Hsu has been honing the skills she will be using on Sunday, April 18th as she performs Brahms' Trio in B Major, a 63-page beast with four movements for violin, cello, and piano. Now, to play a piece like that takes real effort and dedication, and according to Shannon’s normal practicing schedule, about a daily-five-hour-dedication.
    The concert taking place at Carnegie was one coordinated by Junior Chamber Music showcasing two of their selected chamber groups--one in the high school division (freshman through junior) and one in the college division (senior through undergrad). Shannon, always the modest one, jokes, “I don't know why I was selected; my Petrushka and Tarantella were totally unpolished I guess the fates smiled upon me that day. Or maybe their recording device was broken.”
    According to Shannon, she was first inspired when, “I was watching my cousin play Bach's Minuet in G and liking the melody. After she finished practicing, I crawled on top of the piano stool and tried to replicate the melody I heard. A failed attempt, I must say. Nevertheless, my mother took it as a sign of great genius and insisted that I take piano lessons, like every other good Asian.” For Shannon, the piano has become an emotional outlet, whether it be anger, frustration, depression, or even happiness; she loves the feeling of being able to make music for both herself and other to enjoy. When asked about her feelings of performing at THE Carnegie Hall, Shannon replies, “Wow, I'll be walking the stage that Argerich, Horowitz, and Rubenstein once graced. I'm unworthy of such an honor, but I'll take it! It's unreal; I know I will be performing there, but I don't quite believe it.” In addition, her New York Trip also includes master classes at the prestigious Julliard, a once in a lifetime experience. Shannon is currently deciding on which career path to take, perhaps a movie score composer, but definitely not a full time professional concert pianist…she’s not sure yet. However, there is one thing Shannon’s sure about, and that is the life long continuation of a hobby she loves.

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